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Can Filling and Capping Machine

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1. The new type of quantitative filling valve, the filling error per tank does not exceed the set amount +/- 3-5ML.
2. The filling valve is designed with wear-resistant ring and U-ring, which has good wear resistance and is more stable than traditional O-ring when sliding.
3. The filling valve can adjust the filling liquid level through the gasket within a certain range.
4. The filling barrel is made of SUS316L stainless steel, and the filling valve group is made of SUS304 stainless steel.
5. The contact surface of the tank body and tank bottom is made of 304# stainless steel, which is mirror polished and hard chrome plated.
6. All parts in contact with liquid material are made of stainless steel or food grade engineering plastics.
7. The control panel is equipped with an electronic temperature display. When the temperature of the liquid material in the filling barrel is lower than the set filling temperature, the whole machine will automatically stop.
8. The automatic liquid level control device has the function of blocking the tank without material. When the liquid level in the filling barrel is too low, it will automatically stop entering the tank.
9. Stainless steel tank chain guide rail structure, in line with food hygiene requirements
10. The surface of the tank bottom of the conveyor belt is equipped with a lubricating liquid spray device to reduce the friction of the tank bottom and improve the stability of the tank body transportation.
  • QGF-600
Number of Filling heads 55
Number of Capping heads 8
Can diameter range 52-74MM
Can height range 70-180MM
Capacity 650-720 cans/min
Filling barrel diameter 2030MM
Filling barrel capacity 250L
Filling method Gravity type quantitative filling
Temperature detection Temperature sensor, when the temperature is lower than the set value, it will automatically stop
Liquid level detection four-point or floating ball liquid level sensor, when the liquid level is insufficient, it will automatically stop entering the can
Filling temperature 75-95℃
Transmission mode The filling machine is driven by the sealing machine
Power 15HP (11.2KW)
Can enter height 900MM
Can outer height 900MM

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