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Requirements for FILLTECH agents

First-level agents: agents at the entire country level, such as Kenya agents, Thailand agents
The annual order quantity is not less than 10 or the annual order amount is not less than 2 million US dollars.

Second-level agents: agents in a certain region of the country, such as agents in Bangkok, Thailand; agents in Mombasa, Kenya
The annual order quantity is not less than 5 or the annual order amount is not less than 1 million US dollars.

Only one agent per area.

Services provided to agents by FILLTECH
The latest product information, free sample books, CD-ROMs, comprehensive technical support, after-sales instructions.

The transaction order amount is more than 1 million US dollars, and FILLTECH provides a free prototype for the agent's customers to visit the exhibition.

Help customers build a local spare parts warehouse. Timely and effective replenishment of spare parts, the cost of spare parts is charged.

The first-level agent authorizes the management of the second-level agent. All local inquiries received by FILLTECH are handed over to the agent, and FILLTECH will no longer respond to and operate customer inquiries in the region.

FILLTECH provides free technical support to help agents train 1-2 local after-sales engineers. Engineers can come to the FILLTECH factory to study further, eat and live comprehensively, and take care of their own air tickets.

Advantages of the machine

Efficiently and stably

Precise design and solid materials.
The machine runs efficiently and stably.


Perfect after sale

The delivery time is on time and the after-sale system is perfect.
Complete spare parts warehouse.


Global warranty

The whole line is reasonably planned and efficient output.
Full touch screen control, global warranty for electrical appliances.


8 years of experience

Strong pre-sales and after-sales service support.
8 years of production experience in beverage production line.
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