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Water Filling Machine
This 3-in-1 mineral water filling machine for sale, combined with rinsing, filling and capping. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of filling drink water and juice packed in bottles made of polyester and plastics, on the bases of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology from Germany and Italy.
Our water bottle filling machine adopt the technology to meet the high-speed filling production with stable running operation, therefore the output and the benefit of the machine is higher than the other machines with the same specifications. The advanced PLC system is adopted to control the machine to run automatically while an air conveyor is used in the bottle inlet to adjust speed and coordinated with the transducer of the main machine to make the bottle moving operation more steadily and reliably. It is convenient to operate with higher automation because every part of the operation is inspected with photo electricity. This machine is ideal equipment for water bottle manufacturers.

Advantage of Our Water Bottling Machine

  1. This water bottling equipment is fully automated with advanced plc to control the operation of the entire machine. The introduction high-speed concept, table base is made with double-deck, table structure is lower than conventional one. The improved materials of connecting and fixing parts widen the filling head. capping head technology is innovated, lowering the center of capping gravity, improving capping parts in the structure, smoothing the equipment running. Based on these the product capacity greatly improves.
  2. The machine runs smoothly, and the output and efficiency can exceed other machines with the same specifications.
  3. The motors in the machine are all made of advanced brand ABB, which can make the internal operation of the machine lasting and stable.
  4. Emphasized in the design process are open design, minimizing component design, smooth and simple design, namely, the cleaning platform which is integrated filling with capping, taking into consideration of equipment corrosion prevention, some parts touched with water are used SUS304, and all pipes were specially designed to take full account of the position of the pipe joint and the bending radius factor. And streamline design can eliminate health corner.

Bottled Water Production Line/Water Filling Machine/Water Bottling Plant

Workshop Layout

Workshop layout

filltech water machine


Model Rinsing Heads Filling Heads Capping Heads Capacity(BPH) Bottle Size Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Powder(kw)
Diameter (mm) Height(mm) Volume(ml)
FLCP18-18-6 18 18 6 8000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 2480x1980x2600 4000 5.45
FLCP24-24-8 24 24 8 10000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 2800x2400x2600 6000 6.25
FLCP32-32-10 32 32 10 15000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 3300x3000x2700 7200 7.37
FLCP40-40-12 40 40 12 20000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 3900x3180x2700 9000 11
FLCP50-50-12 50 50 12 24000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 5300x4200x2900 10000 11
FLCP60-60-15 60 60 15 28000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 5700x4600x2800 12000 13
FLCP72-72-18 72 72 18 32000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 6600x5100x2900 15000 14


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